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asIAn wORld
Joo ji hoon- drug use 
8th-Mar-2010 09:58 pm
kind of old, but...


179 Samsooni/260 bento: I agree with you.

What is wrong people these days?
You all are being ablsolutely ridiculous.... "Oh my gosh, I'm erasing him out of my life forever!"
It could just be me, I don't know, but, maybe, just maybe, JOO JI-HOON could be... I don't know..... human!? *gasp*
Oh my gosh, he makes mistakes!!????? Really??

Joo ji-hoon is not the first person in Korea to do drugs, nor will he be the last, and whoever has misguided themselves into thinking that is just delusional.
Now, I by no means condone drug use in any way; I've never done it, and I don't like others to. It is a turn off, however, apparently this matter goes way beyond whether or not it is personally appealing. It's natural for fans to be shocked and disappointed (I'm disappointed too), but the reactions are just over the board.

Everyone seems to be looking at the issue like Ji-hoon is some kind of dispicable monster who committed some horrible crime. He made a mistake people!!! It can happen to ANYONE. Just because he's a celebrity, doesn't mean he's in a crystal case hanging above the rest of us, where he can't be touched by wordly/sinful urges like us "mere mortals." He is not perfect, and as a human being, EVERYONE should understand this. Just because YOU don't or haven't done drugs, doesn't mean you haven't committed other sins, and doen's mean YOU'RE perfect. Give the guy a break!

I can understand parents not wanting their children to be his fan anymore, but as parents, you also have to teach your children the value of making mistakes, owning up to them, learning from them, and moving on! Come on, what parent tells their child, "Well, Billy, you have to be perfect basically, growing up, and never make mistakes, because if you do, you will have to face the wrath of millions, and basically be disowned by a your native country." So while it's understandable, don't shun him either.

In the end, nobody knows Joo Ji-hoon but Joo Ji-Hoon. We are all only fans on the outside (and some aren't even that). We have magazines with him in it and watch his dramas, but we really have no idea what it's like to be Joo Ji-Hoon. We don't know how he feels on the inside, what his past was like, what motivates him, his family dynamic, his relationships..... we don't know HIM, the real him. It's so easy for us to sit back and just criticize and judge others without a thought. Doing drugs is bad, yes, and he should be reprimanded/punished. But to lose the carreer he worked so hard for, to lose face in front of so many people, and especially to feel such scorn over his mistake is sooo sad and upsetting. It's a case where the crime definitely does not fit the punishment.

Oh, and let me say, this is not so much a matter of drugs being a big issue in Korea, in my opinion. This is more about the unforgiving attitude many Koreans have, particularly towards celebrtities, when they make mistakes; not just with Joo Ji-Hoon, but others. As much as I love Korea, they tend to be a strict and uncompromising as a whole on several issues.

So sorry to you Joo Ji-Hoon. While you should have made a better choice, I'm not you, and I don't know what was going through your mind. Hopefully you learn from your mistake so that next time you can show more responsibility. Hope your carreer continues and flourishes, and that you always do well. =)

Your fan- nikki!!!!!!
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