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asIAn wORld
24th-Sep-2010 10:19 pm
Goong Princess

         Christmas came early for me this fall, because I went crazy with YesAsia and bought myself several goodies :)
This baby is CNBLUE's new Mini-Album BLUELOVE. I first heard CNBLUE's "I'm A Loner" and not only fell in love with the song, but was very impressed and intrigued by the boys' unique style/quality and the fact that they actually play instruments!!!! Not like I play the piano at home, but really playing instruments. Cool, cool, cool. I know that song isn't on this mini-album, but I went ahead and bought BlueLove anyway. And a good thing, because I really ended up liking it. 

         The mini-album has a pop-rock jazz feel and the songs are melodic and light, yet catchy and just sit so nicely with you. There are six songs in total, with the last song being in English, so hooray for all you English-speaking folks, if you can understand Kringlish, that is. My personal favorites are Sweet Holiday & Black Flower. Please give a listen!   d(^___^)b 

Track List:
2. Sweet Holiday
3. Black Flower
4. Tattoo
5. 사랑 빛
6. Let's Go Crazy

Download here: www.mediafire.com/

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